We Work Well Together

Working Together for One Goal with One Voice,

Welcome to the King County Alliance for Human Services!  Since 2001 we have been united as health, human services, housing, and community advocates speaking together in one united Voice raised for one Goal:  A stable, secure community health and human services support system with adequate capacity to help every King County resident thrive.

The Alliance’s role is to advocate at the regional and local level for stable, adequate funding for community health and human services. Thanks to the power of that united Voice we’ve made tremendous progress over the last 17 years towards that one Goal, regionally:

  • Passage of the Mental Illness & Drug Dependency Initiative
  • Passage and then two renewals of what is now the Veterans, Seniors & Human Services Levy
  • Passage of the Best Starts for Kids Levy in 2015

In addition to those concrete successes, the power of our united Voice with singular focus on one Goal has positioned The Alliance as an organization that is sought out by policy makers to be seated at the table on any regional public policy decision-making process at the very start of any such discussions.

Our hard work (your hard work) and persistence have made a significant difference in the well-being of families and communities across King County. We are proud of that and we know there is more to do.

Thanks to all the hard work and successes the one Voice has yielded regionally, the Alliance turned the focus of our one Goal in 2018 to: Increase local investment in community health and human services by cities across King County, as well as by King County in unincorporated areas.

As One Voice, one very strong and powerful Voice, our work at the Alliance carries on in 2021. Those of you who have contributed to raising that One Voice towards One Goal over the years, “well done!”  Those of you who have recently joined us, or who are finding us for the first time, “welcome!”  Your voice  will add to the strength of our one Voice, consistently raised to require stable, adequate funding for  community health and human services across all of King County’s diverse rural, suburban,  and urban communities.

Please join us.  We’re stronger together.


~ Rachel Krinsky
Executive Director, LifeWire
Co – Chair, King County Alliance for Human Services

~ Anthony Austin
Executive Director, Southeast Youth & Family Services
Co – Chair, King County Alliance for Human Services  

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