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Veterans & Human Services Levy Renewal – Share your voice!

King County is planning three community meetings in June to talk about rural service delivery (third one will be in Seattle; date to be announced). As soon as the third one is finalized we will forward a flyer, but wanted to let you know the first two dates now. 

This conversation is related to the upcoming renewal of the Vets and Human Services levy and human services in general.

Things to consider:
–  Are they on the right track based on what is important to you?
–  Are there any critical gaps that have been overlooked?

If you attend or send your delegates to ensure the needs you address every day are included in the scope of the distribution, then come to the General Alliance Meeting to share what you learn.


Below info is from Leo Flor, Veterans and Human Services Levy Renewal Manager:

The purpose of the meetings will be to convene leaders and human services providers from multiple rural communities (incorporated and unincorporated) to generate discussion, ideas, and relationships that will help us tailor the delivery of human services into rural communities.  We’ll use these ideas and relationships as we begin renewal planning for the Veterans and Human Services Levy as well as implementation of existing King County human services-including behavioral and recovery healthcare, disability services, and community development and housing services.


  • Why are these scheduled near the lunch hour?
    • We’ll provide lunch for all registered participants.
    • We hope to encourage as many providers and community leaders to attend from across the county’s many rural communities.
  • What do we mean by “rural human services”? We want to gather a broad array of providers and talk about how King County delivers (or could deliver) human services in rural communities.  Examples of providers we hope to convene include staff and/or clients of:
    • Senior Centers
    • Community Centers
    • Food Banks
    • Legal Aid Providers
    • Libraries
    • Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
    • Development and Disability Services
    • Low-Income Housing and Homelessness Services
    • Existing networks in rural communities, including Veterans Service Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, Civic Leadership Organizations, and Culturally-Specific Organizations
    • Any other services that help our residents meet basic needs and connect to our communities
  • What will these meetings accomplish?
    • Ideas about improving delivery of human services into rural communities. How can technology, transportation, innovative partnerships with other providers or local governments, and other ideas help us tailor human services delivery to the needs and networks in rural communities?  These ideas will inform King County’s planning for future human services efforts, including renewal planning for the Veterans and Human Services Levy, behavioral health and recovery services, housing and community development services, disability services, as well as other human services provided or supported by King County.
    • A network to continue the conversation. These meetings will produce a specific set of ideas that King County will use in near-term planning, but we hope to stay in touch with all participants to check in and ask if we are getting it right as we begin to incorporate ideas that we hear in the meetings.
    • A chance to hear from multiple rural communities. We want to know which delivery solutions will work county-wide, and which rural communities require more tailored solutions.  Bringing rural communities together will help us learn from the energy and discussion amongst rural communities.


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More info being gathered, check back daily!