East Advocacy Candidate Survey & Results

Localized Advocacy Teams are a core component of the King County Alliance for Human Services. This year, the Eastside Advocacy Team–which focuses on the cities of Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Redmond & Sammamish, developed and sent out a questionnaire to all candidates running for election just after the August 2019 primary. The survey was optional, and candidates who submitted responses are displayed below. As a 501c3 organization, KCAHS does not endorse any candidates. However, the responses help shape our localized team’s advocacy approach.

Eastside Advocacy Team sent the following questions to the candidates listed below

1. Will you support an increase in Human Services funding in the city next budget cycle so that we can continue moving toward a stable and secure community human services support system with adequate capacity to help every resident thrive?

2. What experience do you have in listening to and amplifying community voices–particularly those farthest from opportunity? In what ways do you base your policies and priorities on the needs of those who will be most impacted by them?

Note:  All candidates who are running in the cities under the jurisdiction of the East  Advocacy Team were contacted. Those cities include Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Redmond and Sammamish.

Candidates who took the time to answer our questions are posted.  Some candidates chose not to respond.

Click on each candidate’s name to read how they answered our questions. Candidates’ names without links did not send a response to the survey.

Your vote is your voice: Make your voice count!


City/County Council Position Candidate
Bellevue No. 1 John Stokes
Holly Zhang
No. 3 Jeremy Barksdale
Stephanie Walter
No. 5 Janice Zahn
No. 7 Jennifer Robertson
James Bible
Issaquah No. 2 Michele Kemper
Zach Hall
No. 3 Tim Flood
No. 4 Barbara de Michele
Lindsey Walsh
No. 6 Victoria Hunt
Kirkland No. 2 Kelli Curtis
No. 4 Toby Nixon
David Schwartz
No. 5 Neal Black
Martin Morgan
No. 6 Amy E. Falcone
Jory Hamilton
Redmond Mayor Angela Birney
Steve Fields
No. 1 Hank Myers
Varisha M. Khan
No. 3 Jessica Forsythe
Dayle “Hank” Margeson
No. 5 Vanessa Kritzer
Eugene Zakhareyev
No. 7 David Carson
Carlos Jimenez
Sammamish No. 2 Christie Malchow
Karen McKnight
No. 4 Karen Howe
Kent Treen
No. 6 Ken Gamblin
Rituja Indapure