Please make your contribution now


Dear Alliance Participants,

Our work is far from over. There is so much opportunity as we look to engaging other local funders to ensure all human service resources are available to everyone who needs it across the region.

You and your agency can help in several important ways:

  1. Most importantly, make a financial contribution to the Alliance to ensure we can employ the staff and consulting resources needed to effectively coordinate our messages and strategy.
  2. Designate someone on your staff to participate in the General Alliance meetings, held the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 3:00 – 4:00pm now via ZOOM
  3. Educate your staff and board about opportunities to grow the public investment in building well-being throughout the county. Invite an Alliance member to join you in educating them about our efforts together and the importance of their advocacy to meet our missions.

The 2021 King County Alliance for Human Services invoice can be downloaded here.
Send it through your organization today and please email  to tell us what amount to expect. Thank you for your continuing participation in this critical effort.

Together we have and will continue to make a difference.


~ Rachel Krinsky
Executive Director, LifeWire
Co – Chair, King County Alliance for Human Services

~ Anthony Austin
Executive Director, Southeast Youth & Family Services
Co – Chair, King County Alliance for Human Services