City Budget Hearings

In the next few months cities across King County will begin shaping their 2019-20 budgets.

It is critical now – and throughout the next 6-8  months that human service providers show a presence and remind city councils around the county that Human Services are a crucial investment in the strength of their communities

The momentum is building for all cities to focus on more investment. Your voice and participation will make the difference.


  • When all people are able to reach their full potential, everyone benefits through being part of strong, thriving communities.
  •  Building well-being across our county requires active participation and significant investment from all the partners.
  • With additional investment from (city you are addressing) we can provide supports for people who live in (city you are addressing) to develop the strengths, connections, and capacities needed across our lifetimes,{like child care, youth mentoring, and services to help our elders stay in their communities and homes. In case of emergency we want to be able to prevent homelessness, help with shelter and advocacy for people facing domestic violence or sexual assault, and with food in cases where people are hungry.} These are all the building blocks of well-being.


  • Let me tell you about the benefits of (services you want to go into more detail on….)
  • If we work together and all contribute, we can build families and communities strong enough to weather life’s storms.

    Upcoming Budget Hearings:

  • stay tuned!