Board Activity for BSK


Your support of AGENCY NAME on our board of directors is invaluable and greatly appreciated.  As part of that contribution we ask you to consider taking action to support Best Starts for Kids.

OUR AGENCY supports the Best Starts for Kids ballot measure because it is designed to ensure that every young person in our community has the support they need to thrive. As you know, this will help us meet our mission.

Here are two actions we encourage you to take:

  1. Donate today through your organization or make a personal donation to the campaign. Getting the word out is critical to the success of this campaign and through your contribution we will be able to make that happen! By sending it through the Alliance you ensure it has the greatest impact. Click here to access the form and instructions. 
  2. Spread the word among your own networks– Take Best Starts for Kids campaign information to meetings you already attend (contact to get materials) write a letter to the editor of your local paper, share campaign posts on social media.

Want to be more involved? Click here to sign up for volunteering, phone banking, and more!

Together we can ensure success in November.